Event: Link Lunch - 12th August

Join us for a luncheon with Martin Wouters from Manage Group on the 12th of August at Fahrenheit Te Awamutu.

Have you ever phoned ACC to say thanks for an invoice?  

Our next Link Lunch Event presenter, Martin Wouters from Manage hasn't either, and he and his team have worked with several thousand NZ businesses in the ACC space over the last 10 years.  In fact, they are the first ACC Brokers in NZ!

Martin reflects on the fact that ACC isn't a very sexy topic... yet, his job as he puts it, is to make it sexy.  "It's all quite simple really" Martin says, "employers pay a lot to ACC and most end up paying too much because we treat ACC like a tax and that ACC must be right.  My job, our job at Manage is to change that and make sure employers pay what they should.  Who wants to gift ACC their hard-earned cash?"

Manage, on average creates 41% ACC savings for their clients and no, this is not by selling insurance to replace ACC.  This is all about using the legislation to your advantage.  Martin concludes "Interestingly enough, ACC is an insurance for employers, it is there to cover a risk and just happens to be compulsory. Understand and manage the risk, you can pay less."

Come and listen to Martin share the secrets ACC doesn't tell you.  He promises it will be entertaining!

About Manage Group

Manage was founded in 2011 by Managing Director Martin Wouters, a former accountant who was frustrated at the disparity, and lack of transparency in the ACC system.

Martin discovered that most New Zealand businesses over-pay in ACC levies, and even worse - they have no idea. Realising a real need to get this information in front of businesses owners and to create change, he decided to do something about it. 

And so it began - Manage was established, and many years were spent nurturing relationships, gaining trust, and helping people to manage their risk and create savings. Manage quickly became an advocate, and the go-to ‘ACC people’ for businesses all around the country.

Martin says "What motivates me and gets me excited is seeing employers well presented in the compliance space.  That is they pay what they legally should and their risk is managed as best as it can.  Sadly, too many pay far too much and have far too much risk. Too often what happens in practice is far removed from legislation. This is what Manage Group is all about - being prepared to hold ACC, WorksafeNZ, and others accountable and driving practical and workable solutions for our clients and stakeholders."

Event Details

Date: Thursday 12th August 
Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm
Venue: Fahrenheit, 13 Roche Street, Te Awamutu (MAP)
Speaker: Martin Wouters, Managing Director of Manage Group


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