Event: BA5 Hosted by Fresh Choice Te Awamutu

Join us for our next Business after 5 event hosted by Fresh Choice

About Fresh Choice Te Awamutu

The FreshChoice building has a special place in the hearts of many Te Awamutu locals, I am constantly hearing stories from adults locally of how they used to ride their skateboards around the 3Guys carpark as kids and how Magills were the “concessionaire butchers” for the 3Guys store.

3 Guys were the first true discounter in New Zealand, but unfortunately failed to evolve and finally ended its days in 2003. By the end of 3Guys reign, Pak’n Save had already established itself as New Zealand’s Discount offer.

Unfortunately for the previous owners of FreshChoice Te Awamutu, the arrival of Pak’n Save damaged their turnover considerably and they failed to respond. Two years later when Countdown built a whole new box behind the old Woolworths site, FreshChoice took another hit and found itself on “life support”

This labour of love began for James and Vanessa Clark on 4 February 2018. The business was being repossessed by the landlord (another former owner) for rent arrears.

We had a look at it and thought we could make a go of it.

James took over the role of running the store for the absent owner until the transaction finally concluded on 3 September 2018 for us to own the business.

We immediately commenced a refurbishment, shrinking the store down to 1,000m² retail (total 1,600m² footprint). New shelving installed, the VID upgraded to match new format FreshChoice, a new liquor department was built, LED lighting replaced the old sodium lights, a fresh foods hall was established as the first aisle in the store and front and back of house systems were upgraded.

Currently we are beginning a second refurbishment which will see new “energy efficient” upright freezers installed, a new grocery aisle built and a widening of the fresh foods aisle at the beginning of the store, enabling a better range of ready meals and fresh meat, produce and seafood.

James and Vanessa love being part of this tight knit community and enjoy knowing so many customers by name (which does not happen where we come from).

We are completely committed to continually improving the range, freshness, and value of everything on offer at FreshChoice and welcome feedback.

Our team are our key strength. Some of our people have been with the store since it was 3Guys and many of our team have over 15 years’ service. The one constant feedback I receive is “how nice the staff are at FreshChoice – This is the one thing that makes me the proudest.

We are looking forward to hosting a “Business after 5” event in our store and showcasing our work so far and our plans moving forward. You will be able to taste great food and wine and without doubt take home a goodie bag. 

Written by James Clark

Date: Wednesday 15th June 2022
Time: 5:30 - 7:00 pm
Venue: Fresh Choice Te Awamutu. 39 Rewi Street, Te Awamutu


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