Miscanthus NZ Ltd.


We are a business that is actively working to further develop the Miscanthus industry in New Zealand.  There is no other company in New Zealand offering Miscanthus rhizomes, plantlets and expertise.  The opportunity exists for innovative landowners, farmers and growers to begin establishing this versatile crop.  It can benefit them financially and also help make New Zealand more energy efficient. At the same time, there is an investment opportunity for forward-thinking industrial plant owners to look to the future to fuel their businesses with a truly renewable fuel.

We are active in developing the plants and the techniques for growing in New Zealand and are continuing researching various alternative end uses.  There are a variety of end uses to which harvested Miscanthus can be used and the number of these is increasing as people become more aware of this unique product.

Suite 2, 80 Market Street, Te Awamutu

Peter Brown – Managing Director 027 498 4241



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